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Poker involves both skill and luck

By admin on 2012-11-29 14:32:05

For the general poker news this week we found a very interesting article in a large newspaper about whether online poker is a game of skill or a game of luck and as the question has been asked many times in the general poker news with reference to legalising online poker in the US we thought readers at might be interested. One of the more interesting comments in this general poker news article suggested that one way to differentiate between games of luck and skill was whether or not you could deliberately lose which defines poker as definitely a game of skill as it is very easy to deliberately lose unlike roulette for example or casino slots where you cannot. The conclusion of the general poker news article was that in the short term luck plays an important part in winning at poker so that any novice stands a good chance in a single head to head game of coming out on top but over hundreds of games that is unlikely to be true. Poker has become a really big pastime since the evolution of online poker with many players making a living from it but interestingly according to the general poker news the demographics of the players has changed over the years from the older poker players who have vast experience and rely on reading their opponents face and body language to the younger analytical group of players who understand the chance and probability and the use of statistics while recognising that an element of random play is needed to throw an opponent off the scent. The final conclusion with which we must agree in the general poker news is that online poker is a combination of large amounts of both luck and skill when compared to chess for example which has a large amount of skill and no luck or roulette which has a vast amount of luck involved and no skill or even noughts and crosses which involves no luck but very little skill either.