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Poker news suggests that environment is important

By admin on 2014-04-17 17:44:05

Although in the general poker news at this site we attempt to bring Irish poker players up to date with recent happenings, it is not only the big tournaments that are worth reading about in fact we recently saw an article that suggested that online poker players could improve their chances of winning by improving the environment in which they play. This piece in the general poker news suggested that whereas in a land based poker tournament you can do nothing about the environment when you are playing at home you can and indeed should. For example the poker news suggests that you should choose a very comfortable chair and if that is not available where your computer is then attach your PC to your Television and play poker there. Dress is also important in that clearly you need to wear something comfortable and as nobody can see what you are wearing do not worry about the latest fashions, comfort is king. Some poker news articles suggest that a favourite article of clothing can give you confidence or even something with a poker theme. The next most important thing according to these poker news articles is food and drink which in the first instance means stocking up on enough to keep you going. What you drink and what you eat is up to you but remember that when playing an online poker tournament you probably will not have time to cook something that needs keeping an eye on so if it must be warm make it a quick microwave job. In terms of drink, we all favour alcohol and there is nothing wrong with that  but keep that sort of drinking under control or you will quickly notice that you are gambling on poor poker hands. Whatever you do, suggests the poker news, relax and enjoy playing online poker.