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Ladbrokes Poker review

Ladbrokes Poker, another well known name from the “high street”. Ladbrokes is a well established bookmaker in the United Kingdom and Ireland and is now trying its luck in the online poker world. This may be a big name when it comes to horse racing and other sports betting but for the online poker industry they are still only small fish. This does not in any way mean that they are any better or worse than the rest, they are just still “young” to the online poker game.

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Labrokes has been offering online poker to its online gamblers for a while now. They have managed to get themselves a good database of players and are starting to present themselves as a worthy online poker room. They offer good gaming graphics and because of their well established bookmaker background they also offer superb support. This is typical of an organisation that already has everything in place, good support, good internet site and experience in the online gambling market. Ladbrokes has everything in place and is just waiting to be picked up by more online poker players.

To strengthen their position in this new market, Ladbrokes Poker helps organise a tournament once a year called the Poker Million V. This is at the moment, Europes biggest poker tournament and offers a resonable prize pool. The first prize winner will receive 1.2 million dollars and there will be another million dollars given to runners up during the tournament. This is a tournament that attracts the biggest European players and has already got a good reputation.

It is even possible to win a seat at this tournament for free. Ladbrokes Poker is offering a few free rolls where players can win a seat at this tournament. Last years Poker Million V winner was actually a winner of a free roll and went on to win the whole tournament. This goes to show that entering in free rolls can have its advantages. Apart from the fact that all the online poker rooms offer free rolls you should always try and get in with them as it can only improve you poker game. The best thing about free rolls is that it brings players into a real money situation, this mean that you then taste the difference between real money and play money poker.

Ladbrokes may not be the biggest online poker room but as you can see they are doing a lot to attract new players. They are putting a lot of effort into tournaments and free rolls to try and get the players to them. They will probably never become the biggest but one thing is for sure and that is that they offer a good online poker room and we are pleased to present them to you through our site.

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