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Paddy Power Poker review

Paddy Power Poker is not only the largest bookmaker in Ireland but they are also doing very well when it comes to their online poker segment. They have only been in the online poker market for a few years but are doing extremely well.

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Paddy Power Poker is operated on behalf of Paddy Power by Tribeca Tables Europe. Tribeca Tables provides the technology behind many different poker rooms, including Paddy Power Poker. This organisation has an extensive knowledge and experience of poker, online and offline. This means that Paddy Power has found a good and reliable partner for their poker software.

Paddy Power offers new players a great $101 after signing up for a new account. This does not mean that loyal players are not rewarded. Loyal players are poker players that find their way back to the poker table time after time. This is very much appreciated by any poker room and therefore players will always be rewarded for this. Rewards can come in different shapes and sizes, bonuses or even special points that can be cashed for real playing money. The reason that this is done is to stimulate the number of players and Paddy Power does this very well.

It does not matter what time of day you may login to have a few hands but you will always find other players doing the same thing. This is defiantly a very strong advantage that Paddy Power has over other poker rooms. Despite the fact that they are not the biggest it is very welcoming to know that you can play against other Irish players in an Irish online poker room.

Being the biggest online poker room in Ireland, Paddy Power has a lot of influence and is able to sponsor major events. One of the events that Paddy Power sponsors is the “Paddy Power Irish Open”. This is Irelands largest poker event and always attracts Irelands biggest poker players. With a stunning 1 million euro in prize money it is not surprising that this is the largest event in the Irish poker scene. This event takes place every year and every year the number of entries increases. Poker in all forms, online and offline is catching on very fast in Ireland and the rest of Europe. Paddy Power is one of the poker rooms that was there from the start and will see it through until the end.

As online poker players we seriously recommend Paddy Power. If you are looking to get into the game but are not quite sure how things work then have a look on their site and you will find their “Poker Academy”. This academy will give you a complete explanation of how to play poker online. Every possible aspect is explained in depth, think of poker jargon, hand calculator and even handy nicknames. You can find everything you want or need to improve your poker game on this site.
Once again, we recommend Paddy Power to everyone, beginners and more experienced players. It is the largest and as far as we are concerned the best Irish online poker room there is. Just click on the link and Paddy Power Poker and get yourself signed up for hours of fun.

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