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Party Poker, the world’s largest online poker room. Party Poker is part of the PartyGaming organisation. This is a organisation that has not been in the market as long as others but has defiantly proven something to the whole gambling industry. To be the largest online poker room in the world requires a lot of organisation and good management. To be able to do this in the space of a few years is something that was unheard of.

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PartyGaming has done all this and more in just a matter of years. They even have a listing on the London stock exchange. So if you ever wondered if an online poker room was creditable, you just found one. With more than 70,000 players worldwide we think any concerns about credibility should be forgotten.

Party Poker has proven to all competing online poker rooms that it is possible to start small and grow to be very big within a matter of years. Due to the outstanding graphics and easy to use interface, Party Poker has proven itself to be a worthy opponent in the online poker business.

New players are rewarded with a generous $100 bonus for opening a real money account and making a first deposit. These generous bonuses do not stop after you have become a real money player; even then you are still rewarded with nice bonuses and incentives. These incentives can be found in the form of free rolls and large tournament prizes. Party Poker has a weekly tournament that guarantees a prize pool of half a million dollars. This is something to get rather enthusiastic about as there is no other online poker room that offers such a weekly prize pool. This radiculous amount of money is split between 400 winners, weekly. This means that if you did not win one week that you can try again the next.

Party Poker does not stop by just offering money as prizes but is also known to give away luxury holidays, cruises and many more nice things. Party Poker likes to show that it is the largest of its kind and you can profit from all this. You do not need to be a big money player to win; you can also win by sticking to the low limit tables. Playing small amounts is probably the best thing to do, even if you are an experienced player. The game poker has to do with skill and not with what table you sit at. If you sit at a higher limit table and very seldom win then there must be something wrong with your skill level. We always suggest, keep the bets small until you really know what you are doing and you have enough online poker experience to move on.

Playing at low limit poker tables is something that is definitely not a problem for Party Poker, there are always plenty of players online. This is also the case for the more experienced online poker player, there are always plenty of high rollers waiting for a hand.

This online poker room is definitely the trendsetter in the whole poker business but one thing can not be forgotten and that is the fact that they do not have to be the best. Online poker is online poker, the rules are the same in every poker room and you always play against other people. The only big difference is that people like ourselves always have a preference. This preference can be in the layout, interface or even graphics of a particular poker room. It is this preference that will eventually lead you to a decision where to play your hands of poker.

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