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Poker tournament for deaf players held in New Zealand

By admin on 2014-07-03 09:21:50

Recently in the poker tournament news there have been articles about a new poker tournament held in New Zealand which is specifically for deaf or hard of hearing participants. Apparently the Deaf Poker Australia (DPA) has been organising poker tournaments since 2008 and recently broke new ground by holding their first poker tournament in New Zealand online pokies at the Sky City casino in Auckland and although many poker players were from New Zealand there were also several from Australia including the eventual winner John Girvan who outplayed the other 38 contestants to pick up the first prize of a modest 1325 New Zealand Dollars which is equivalent to around €850 which hardly makes it worth travelling from Australia and why there is a poker tournament especially for deaf players anyway remains a bit of a mystery as it is hardly any kind of handicap when playing poker. In fact if you think about it playing online poker is the same in that there is no communication between players. Closer to home in the poker tournament news it is reported that Paul Carr who came second in the Paddy Power Irish poker open in 2010 and picked up over €300,000 has had money confiscated by the State after being stopped by a drugs unit in Limerick. When stopped the poker news reports that the car contained more than €240.000 in cash stuffed into a bag which he claimed was from gambling winnings. Carr who according to poker tournament news has connections to crime was arrested on suspicion of money laundering and subsequently had his house searched where a further €36,000 in cash was found. Evidence showed that the original poker tournament winnings were placed in a bank account which meant that this new money was not from there so the State concluded that this was the proceeds of crime and it was therefore confiscated.