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Poker tournaments attract record entries

By admin on 2014-09-18 10:10:50

Although rumours in the poker news suggest that online poker is not advancing in terms of numbers as was expected it seems that news from the poker tournament world suggests record numbers of players attending events both in Europe and in the rest of the world. Numbers quoted in the poker tournament news suggest that numbers for the EPT (European Poker Tour) events in Spain were a record both for the Estrellas Poker Tour and for the main event in Barcelona which incidentally was the 100th poker tournament to come from the EPT. It could of course be that these poker tournaments have increased entries due to the ability to qualify through online poker tournaments but it could also be that the poker tournaments themselves are held in attractive places such as Barcelona where combining poker with a holiday in the sun sounds quite attractive. Outside the USA the largest number of players at a poker tournament was set in Beijing but with so many Chinese players in China chomping at the bit to play in a proper tournament this came as no surprise; the real surprise was the very modest prize money for winning that poker tournament which was only around $100,000. That record did not last long however as the Grosvenor casino in the UK staged a poker tournament only weeks after China which attracted not far short of 3500 players. In Ireland there is the Irish Poker Open which is the largest tournament every year in the country and always attracts the top poker players from around the world and this is the one for Irish poker players to focus on as there are plenty of opportunities to qualify through playing online poker and the travelling distances and costs are substantially less than travelling overseas but the weather is unlikely to be as good as in Barcelona.