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PokerStars could add online casino to online poker

By admin on 2014-07-24 11:20:03

Recent poker news suggests that Amaya Gaming who recently announced an agreement to buy PokerStars and which was reported at are looking to list on a second stock exchange in addition to Toronto with London and New York being the options. London has actively welcomes online gambling companies in the past such as BwinParty whereas the USA has been less than friendly with online poker companies and indeed PokerStars was one of several companies that were involved in civil lawsuits in the crackdown on online poker. But as you will have read in several poker news reports over the past year there are several moves afoot to legalise online poker once more and indeed several States have already passed legislation but PokerStars has not yet capitalised on any of this new freedom. The brand of PokerStars along with Full Tilt poker which are also owned by the same people and are based in the Isle of Man remain popular in the USA and indeed around the world where they still operate. What is particularly interesting however is the remarks made by the Chairman and Chief Executive of Amaya David Baazov when he said that entering the US market was not the top priority but that he was more interested in starting an online casino and getting into sports gambling. This would be an interesting move which would no doubt worry other online casinos and online gambling companies and it cannot be denied that Amaya is fairly well placed to make this move. Having been primarily involved in supplying software to online gambling companies and lottery companies, it has over time purchased Cryptolgic and Chartwell which are two of the better known casino software suppliers so they could easily use their own online gambling software to start up a new online casino business.