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Politics is in the Irish poker news

By admin on 2014-06-05 11:22:01

All news has been full of the European elections recently and the rise of the more radical parties but in the Irish poker news we read that there is a crossover between poker and politics which is rather unexpected. Online poker players who read this and other poker articles will have heard of the name of Tony G whose real name incidentally is Antanas Guoga and he is known as one of the best and also outspoken professional poker players. Tony G has in his time accumulated close to $5 million in prize money but now in the Irish poker news is an even greater achievement as he has been elected to the European Parliament. Tony is from Lithuania and was number two on the list for his country’s Liberal Movement Party when he registered as a candidate back in November last year. Whether he really thought he had a chance is unknown but in his blog after announcing he was standing as a candidate he is quoted in the poker news as saying that he wanted to change Lithuania adding that the country needed new people and new blood. There were 11 seats available for Lithuania with the Liberals only having one seat up until this years election but by gathering 16.5% of the vote they now have two seats and Tony is in. The Irish poker news has no idea how this will affect his poker playing commitments but it is assumed that he will play in fewer tournaments which will probably please some of the other professional players being one top player less to beat. The other unknown is whether he will translate his sometimes abrasive style of poker play into politics but the Irish poker news will keep their eyes pen for developments or news.