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Should you ignore the poker bonus hype?

By admin on 2013-12-05 13:42:05

There are a lot of online poker sites and they all offer a poker bonus of one sort or another to new players but the headline numbers that they quote are often extremely difficult to achieve and also difficult to track progress other than believing what the online poker site tells you. This is because so often these poker bonuses are calculated based on points earned while playing but the points earned are dependent on the rake of the hand, how many people are playing and sometimes even whether you personally contributed to the rake of that hand. The suggestion from would be to ignore all the hype of quoted numbers in the poker bonus news and go for an online poker site where you feel comfortable and which gives you a good range of cash games and tournaments which suit your preferred stakes. Probably the best known and very widely used online poker site is Party Poker but if you are a complete beginner you might be better off starting at the likes of Paddy Power Poker or Ladbrokes poker where you can play for as little as 1 cent and 2 cent blinds and the maximum you can bring to the table is €2 so even if you lose it is not going to cost a fortune. As a beginner without a poker bonus you may also want to look out for freeroll tournaments such as are available at Paddy Power where there is no entry fee but there are prizes and Paddy Power Poker has cleverly organised different levels so that you are playing against only those players from the same level which is determined by the amount played. This mans that if you are a low stakes infrequent player you will not run up against a high stakes every day player in the same tournament.