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Small online poker tournaments can be great fun

By admin on 2014-01-09 16:12:28

You do not have to be a top poker player to play in poker tournaments as there are always poker tournaments available at online poker sites such as Ladbrokes poker or Paddy Power poker starting at different times of the day every day of the week and there are even special tournaments for beginners that have a very limited entry fee or sometimes nothing at all. The poker tournaments that tend to make the poker tournament news are the big ones that are held in various places around the world although mostly in the USA not counting of course the Irish open which is held in Dublin but not in the poker tournament news are the €1 or €2 entry poker tournaments that are an everyday occurrence at online poker sites and these can be just as much fun without it costing an arm and a leg. One disadvantage of this sort of poker tournament is that you have to wait until it starts and you have no idea how long it is likely to last as it depends on how many table are in play but there are alternatives which are also never in the poker tournament news which are called sit and go poker tournaments. In these poker tournaments there are a fixed number of players which can be as little as six and once there are the required number of players around the table it starts. Of course even then you cannot be sure how long it is going to last but at least you know how many are participating so you can guess a little bit. Poker tournaments are quite different from regular poker cash games and they can be a great alternative if you want a bit of a change. If you have the odd few thousand Euro to spare you can wait and search the poker tournament news for the big ones but otherwise enjoy online poker tournaments.