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Student wishes to become online poker professional

By admin on 2014-01-16 13:21:13

Most young men go to university to study something that they intend to use after they graduate but in the Irish poker news this week we hear of a young man studying civil engineering whose ambition is to be a professional poker player and it would seem he has a very good chance of doing just that. Shaun Hegarty is a 26 year student who hails from Co.Kerry but is currently in his final year studies at NUI Galway and has been playing online poker for a number of years. He has hit the headlines of the Irish poker news by winning a major online tournament and pocketing over €300,000 for his trouble. This was an online poker tournament sponsored by Pokerstars which is one of the recommended online poker sites at which attracted no fewer than 26,000 entrants and took something in the region of 15 hours to complete. Pokerstars always has poker tournaments on the go although not all have this kind of entry or prize money but it is often in the Irish poker news for the tournaments.Shaun is not new to online poker tournaments and has had some small wins and losses which he says pay for his education and he also recently finished just outside the top ten of another large tournament. Shaun has a slightly different philosophy which has been in the Irish poker news when he says that playing poker is not gambling and actually goes as far as to say that if it is treated as gambling that is when mistakes in your play will occur. In another interesting comment for Irish poker news readers is that online poker players are learning all the time which is something every person should remember as it is all about experience of when to back away.